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youmail-2.0.6-stable-src is available for download . [2004-05-08]

Change Log:
  • Fix a few bugs.
  • More

    What's YoUmail

    YoUmail is a server application that allows ISPs to provide a WWW interface for each user to his mailbox(es) (similar to the programs YahooMail or HotMail use). YoUmail should scale well enough to support large userbases and should be easy enough to be used in a home LAN.

    • Gives a user full access to his/her IMAP mailbox through a simple-to-use WWW interface
    • supports multiple languages
    • Open Source distribution allows easy customization
    • webbased administration interface
    • support for multiple virtual user domains
    • support MIME mail


    • MySQL 3.22 or higher
    • qmail 1.03
    • vpopmail-4.8 or higher buildin MySql support

    Whom YoUmail is aimed at

    Who should use YoUmail:
  • YoUmail's primary goal is to provide ISPs, companies and universities with a simple and zero-cost solution to give WWW mailaccess to their users.Users can read and write their email while they are sitting in an Internet-Cafe, at expositions, etc without having to carry their PC around. It is not intended as a replacement for the different personal email clients, but as a supplement for an existing mail solution.
  • The secondary goal is to unify a user's different email accounts under one interface which is easily accomplished using YoUmails folder capability.
  • We would love to hear from you! The nature of open source projects make it hard to know who all is using your product. It is always nice when we get emails from people just telling us that they're using YoUmail. If you have a few minutes, any suggest, please send us an email to let us know!

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